Romowe Rikoito (Russia)

Narcissism, 1996

"Romowe Rikoito is a band of Dark Folk in the most neoclassical slope in the genre, not in vain they have flute, piano, violin and violonchelo accompanying to the traditional acoustic guitars and voices. However, there is not percussion of any type like it is frequent in bands of the genre of more martial character. There is not electronic programming, with the exception of some extracted sounds of field, of birds in the forest or similar things, so one cannot speak that there is an electronic section or of programming in the music, it is purely acoustic. The tendency of the songs is very bucolic, with an air of love toward the forest and the nature, it is not a cheerful music, rather parsimonious and caressing, incites more to the view than to the dance, it is reflexive."

A1 Welcome! My Death (7:59)
A2 Black Clouds (3:39)
A3 One Pain (5:02)
A4 Circle Of Circumstances (1:39)
A5 Children´s Voices (3:33)
B1 New Paradise (4:51)
B2 Suicide Is Over (4:32)
B3 C´aissi.m Perdei Com Perdet Se Lo Bels Narcisus En La Fon... (11:08)

Source: http://www.myspace.com/romowerikoito

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