Chesley Bonestell

"Bonestell, now considered the greatest astronomical and astronautical illustrator of all time, was born in 1888 in San Francisco. 'Actually, I do not go the artists and I do not like them. I believe that most of the crackers are only pretending to be the painters because they believe that to become enough of stirring color. I believe that in order to retain a good painter must first be able to draw very well, while very few of the so-called contemporary artists are capable. If I want, I can do beautiful designs at any time.'"
Source: www.fabiofeminofantascience.org


  1. I have admired his art for years but not so much as recently when others began to compare my art with Mr. Bonestell's as I increase my quality in observational astronomy sketching; and especially that of the moon. I probably saw Forbidden Planet as a young teen on late night TV movie reruns with his work in the set backdrops, not knowing then, that it was Bonestell's art work.
    -Mark Seibold www.markseibold.com