Das cabinet des Dr. Caligari (1919) by Robert Wiene (Germany)

"a street at night: yawning blackness in the background - empty, starless, abstract space, against it a square, lopsided lantern hung between lurching walls. doors and windows constructed or painted in wrenched perspective. dark segments on the pavement accentuate diminishing effect. the slinking of a brutal figure pressed against the walls and evil spots and shadings on the pavement give a sinister expression to the street. adroit diagonals lead and rivet the eye."

""a room: or rather a room that has precipitated itself in cavern-like lines, in inverted hollows of frozen waves. here space becomes cloistral and encompasses the human - a man reads at a desk. a trinagular window glares and permits the living day a voice in this composition."

- Hermann G. Scheffauer on Caligari, 1920

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